Stir-fried Green Bean Sprouts and Dried Shrimp


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  • green bean sprouts 10 oz

  • dried shrimp 1 oz

  • chinese celery 1 pc

  • ginger 2 slices

  • red pepper 1 tbsp

  • green pepper 2 tbsp

  • spring onion 1 stalk


  • salt pinch

  • light soy 2 tsp

  • sugar 1/2 tsp

  • water 2 tbsp

  • cornflour pinch


  1. Rinse green bean sprouts and soak dried shrimp until tender.

  2. Tear the leaves off the chinese celery and cut into sections. Shred ginger slices and pepper. Section spring onion.

  3. Saute dried shrimp, shredded red and green pepper with dash of oil. Dish up.

  4. Saute shredded ginger and spring onion with 2 tbsp oil. Add in green bean sprouts and chinese celery. Stir.

  5. Add in dried shrimp, shredded pepper and seasonings. Stir well. Dish up and serve.


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