Lotus Root Soup with Black Mushroom and Oyster


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  • lotus root 10 oz

  • dried mushroom 10 pcs

  • black moss pinch

  • dried oyster 8 pcs

  • spare ribs 10 oz

  • sliced ginger 5 slices


  1. Skin lotus root and rinse. Cut into large pieces. Soak dried mushrooms until tender. Rinse and drain.

  2. Soak dried oyster and rinse. Drain. Saute with dash of oil, ginger juice and wine .

  3. Blanch spare rib and then rinse. Soak black moss and rinse.

  4. In pot put all the ingredients, put in water and bring to boil. Turn to low heat and boil for 2 hours. Seasons with salt. Serve hot.

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Lotus Root

Black Moss

Soak dried oyster

spare ribs


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