Fried Finless Eel with Ginger and Preserved Prunes



  • finless Eel 1.4 lb

  • ginger 10 slices

  • red chilli 1 pc

  • spring onion 4 stalks

  • preserved prunes 5 pcs


  • sugar 2 tbsp

  • wine 1 tbsp


  1. Debone finless eel. Scald in hot water to remove sticky stuff. Wash and cut into thick shreds. Marinade. Heat a wok with the oil, saute the eel until done.

  2. Rinse and slice the ginger. Diced red chilli. Section spring onion.

  3. Deseed the the preserved prunes and mix well with the sugar.

  4. Heat a wok with pinch of oil, saute the ginger until tender. Add red chilli and spring onion. stir well, then add eel and sprinkle with wine, add method 3., stir well and serve.

food-eel-finless.jpg (19377 bytes)

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Finless Eel


Red Chilli

Preserved Prunes


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