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Stir fried thread noodles with Chinese chives

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  • 640g thread noodles

  • 160g Chinese chives

  • 80g bean sprouts

  • 80g dried squid

  • 80g shelled shrimp (deveined)


  • adequate dark soya sauce

  • adequate white pepper (optional)

Healing Effect

  • Warm the kidney, strengthen the waist, knee and the "yang" of the system.


  1. Cook the noodles with water until softened.

  2. Presoak the dried squid, clean and shred it. Cut the Chinese chives.

  3. Slightly fry the shrimps and the squid, set aside. Slowly heat up the noodles over medium to low heat. Add the bean sprouts and the Chinese chives into the noodles, then put in a little dark soya sauce. Lastly add the squid and the shrimps. When the noodles are fried thoroughly, serve at once. To add flavour, add a little white pepper when frying the noodles.