Braise abalone, bone marrow and duck webs

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  • 80g canned abalone

  • 80g bone marrow

  • 80g mushroom

  • 8 duck webs

  • 1 teaspoon lye

  • adequate broth

  • adequate oyster sauce

  • adequate vegetables

Healing Effect

  • Nourish the deficiency of the liver and lung "qi".


  1. Wash the pig trachea thoroughly, blanch and cut it like a centipede. Slice the abalone. Blanch the bone marrow with salty water until cooked and break it into small pieces.

  2. Soak the duck webs with lye, then blanch them in hot water until cooked and rinse under running water to get rid of the smell of lye. Blanch the mushroom.

  3. Braise ail the ingredients with broth and oyster sauce for 3 minutes until tender.

Practical Tips:

  • Pork knuckle tendon, fresh straw mushroom and pigeon eggs are also ideal ingredients for the dish.

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