Three cups pigeon

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  • 1 pigeon

  • 4 Chinese black mushroom

  • 80g black fungus

  • 80g ginger

  • 40g straw mushroom

  • 1 sprig of basil (Ocimum basilicum)

  • adequate broth

  • adequate Shaoxing wine

  • adequate soya sauce

Healing Effect

  • Activate the blood flow and improve the "spirit", remove the "wind" and "dampness" inside. Good for eating after operation. Ingredient Pigeon can be replaced with chicken.


  1. Debone and cut the pigeon into pieces. Soak and sliced the fungus and the mushroom. Chop the basil and shred the ginger.

  2. Slightly stir-fry the ginger with oil, then stir in the pigeon, fungus and mushroom. Add in broth and Shaoxing wine. Finally, put the basil in and season it with soya sauce.

Practical Tips:

  • "Three Cups"means three kinds of ingredient (i.e. wine, broth and soya sauce) .

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