Braised leaf mustard cabbage with ham and mushroom

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  • 1.2kg leaf mustard cabbage

  • 12 slices Chinese ham

  • 12 Chinese black mushroom

lngredients For soup base:

  • 160g pork brisket

  • 2 pieces licorice

  • 4 slices ginger

  • 40g dried shrimps

  • adequate mushroom stalks

Healing Effect

  • Remove the "heat" and "dryness", regulate the spleen and stomach.


  1. Cook the soup base ingredients with water to make a soup.

  2. Wash the leaf mustard cabbage,remove the wilted leaves and cut it in half﹒Slightly blanch it in hot water to get rid of its bitterness, then fry it with oil.

  3. Braise the leaf mustard cabbage with the soup until tender,then slice it. Steam it with the ham slices and mushroom.

  4. Make a sauce with the soup, oyster sauce and cornflour solution and pour it on the dish to serve.


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