Almond flavoured pig lung slices

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  • l pig lung
  • 320g pork brisket
  • 80g almond
  • l spicy sauce ingredient


  • adequate of salt,sugar and rosewine

Healing Effect

  • Nourish the lung and the skin, reduce phlegm and stop coughing.


  1. Wash the pig lung thoroughly with water,then blanch it in hot water. Blend the almonds with 2 bowls of water to make almond juice and strain .
  2. Add adequate (orl5bowls) water to the spicy sauce ingredient, put in the briskett o cook for about 3 hours﹒Then add in the almond juice,foIlowed by the pig lung.Let it simmer for 90 minutes,add the seasonings, then simmer for another l5 minutes. Cut the pork lung into slices and serve it with the spicy sauce. Garnish with spicy bean curd


  • Sauce ingredient is available in Chinese herbs and grocery stores.


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