Curry Chicken


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  • chicken legs 2 pcs

  • shredded onion 1/2 pc

  • potatoes 2 pcs

  • curry powder 1 tbsp

  • minced garlic 1 tbsp

  • carrot 1/2 pc

  • coconut milk 1/2 cup


  • salt 1 tsp

  • pepper 1/2 tsp

  • bay leaf 2 pcs


  1. Chop chicken legs, blanch to remove bad smell.

  2. Peeling potatoes and carrot off then chop.

  3. Heat pan. Stir-fry flour with 2 t. oil.

  4. Add onion shreds, minced garlic, chopped chicken, taro root, and carrot. Keep Stir-frying.

  5. Sprinkle a pinch of curry powder and chili powder. Stir-fry until good flavor comes out.

  6. Add 3 c. water, seasonings, and coriander leaves. Change from pan to boiler. Cook with low heat until good smell comes out.

  7. At last ,pour coconut milk over the dish and serve immediately.



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