Oysters, with Dressing

Dressing: Pickled Cucumber and Black Bean Dressing


Enough for 6


  • Oysters with half shell 24 pcs
  • Red capsicums 2
  • Olive oil 1 tbsp
  • Red onion, finely chopped 1
  • Garlic, peeled and finely chopped 4 cloves
  • Ginger, peeled and finely chopped 1 (3cm)
  • Lime juice 150ml
  • Light soy sauce 3 tbsp
  • Dried salted black beans, rinsed 2 tbsp


  1. Roast and peel the skins from the capsicums.
  2. Remove the seeds and finely chop the flesh.
  3. Combine with the remaining ingredients and check for seasoning. Store in the refrigerator.


Source : New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.