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Fried Beancurd Stuffed with Minced Fish


  • 5 oz minced fish

  • 10 pcs fried beancurd

  • 5 oz loofah (or Cumcumber)

  • 1 pc ginger


  • 1 tsp oyster sauce

  • 1 tsp corn flour

  • pinch of salt

  • 1 tsp oil

  • 1/2 cup water


  1. Clean fried beancurd and cut into 2

  2. Rinse minced fish and stuffed it inside the fried beancurd. set aside.

  3. Clean loofah and cut into medium size. Splash the ginger by the flat side of chopper.

  4. Make a mixture of seasonings for the sauce.

  5. Heat the pan, put the oil, fry the ginger until fragrant, put stuffed beancurd and fry until slightly brown . Add loofah and fry together.

  6. Put the mixture and cook with slow fire. Serve when totally done.