Mustard with Salted Egg and Fish Head Soup


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  • fish head 1 pc

  • mustard 1 pc

  • salted egg(beaten) 1 pc

  • ginger 3 slices

  • beancurd 1 pc


  • salt 1/2 tsp

  • ginger juice 1 tsp

  • wine 1 tsp


  1. Rinse mustard and drain. Thickly slice.

  2. Wash the fish head, wipe it dry, add seasonings to marinade it for 20 mionutes. Put in into the heating wok with oil, fry until both sides turn light yellow.

  3. Put in water and bring to boil. Turn to med-low heat and boil until tender. Add in mustard, beancurd and salted egg. Boil until ingredients are done and soup thickens. Season with pinch of salt. Serve hot.

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Salted Eggs



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