Soup of Pig's Stomach with White Pepper


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  • white pepper 2 tbsp

  • pig's stomach 1 pc

  • spare ribs 7 oz

  • salted vegetable 1/2 stalk


  1. Rub clean the inside and outside of pig's stomach with salt. Scald in boiling water. Take out and wash.

  2. Rinse salted vegetable. Thickly shred. Soak briefly and squeeze dry.

  3. Wash spare ribs. Chop up. Put white pepper in pig's stomach.

  4. Bring 10 cups of water to the boil. Put in pig's stomach, spare ribs and salted vegetable. Boil again and parboil over low heat for 2 hours. Cut pig's stomach into serving pieces. Season with salt.

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Pig's stomach

White Pepper

Salted Vegetable


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