Honey-Glazed Pork chop with Chinese Ham



  • 110g Chinese ham

  • 750g boneless pork chop

  • 6 tbsp flower honey

  • 3 tsp corn flour


  • 2 tsp light soy sauce

  • 1/2 tsp dark soy sauce


  1. Remove the skin of the ham and then slice it. Pour 2 Tbsp of honey on the ham and steam for about 10 minutes, ham prepared in this way would be very fragrant and not as salty. Cut the pork into thick slices, wash thoroughly, then marinate it with corn flour for 15 minutes to make the meat more tender.

  2. Heat the wok and add some oil to shallow-fry the pork, when one side is done, flip it over and cook the other side. When it is done, turn the heat down.

  3. Put in the ham slices and lightly shallow-fry them. Make a sauce with the light and the dark soy sauce and the remaining honey, then pour it on top of the meat. When the meat is thoroughly fried, dish up and serve.

Ingredients Heat the wok before shallow-frying the pork chop Pour the seasonings onto the pork chop


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