Braised beef brisket with plums and chrysanthemum

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  • 600g beef brisket (semi fat-lean)

  • 6 preserved plums

  • 2 fresh white chrysanthemum

  • 20g Hangzhou dried chrysanthemum

  • adequate Shaoxing wine

  • sugar and salt to taste

Healing Effect

  • Improve eye and body functions, strengthen the liver and the six hollow viscera.


  1. Slice and blanch the beef brisket, then wash it clean. Smash the plums. Wash and soak the dried chrysanthemum. Put the beef, plums and dried chrysanthemum into a large pot, add 8 bowls of water and stew it for 2 hours.

  2. Wash the fresh white chrysanthemum, then pick out the petals.

  3. Put the petals into the beef soup with a little salt, sugar and Shaoxing wine and stew it for a further 15 minutes.


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