Rib-eye tendons roll in spicy sauce

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  • 2 rib-eye tendons

  • 160g shelled shrimp

  • I red chilli pepper

  • Chiu Chow spicy sauce (or common spicy sauce)

Healing Effect

  • Supplement the deficiency of tendons and bones, facilitate the absorption of protein.


  1. Wash the rib-eye tendon (tendons next to pork chop) and pat dry.

  2. Add a little salt to the shrimp to make shrimp paste and stuff it onto the pork tendon. Roll up the tendon nicely and tie it with strings. Put the stuffed roll into the spicy sauce, add the red chilli pepper, bring to boil cook over high heat, then change to low heat for 30 minutes.

Practical Tips:

  1. Do not remove the fat from rib-eye tendon as it tastes good.

  2. Red chilli pepper is an indispensable ingredient for spicy sauce; it adds flavour without making it too hot.


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