Deep fried thai prawn biscuit chiu chow style

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  • 320g shelled medium prawn

  • 40g pork fat

  • 40g water chestnut

  • 1 duck egg white

  • adequate Japanese breadcrumbs

  • adequate tangerine sauce

Healing Effect

  • Stimulate the spleen and stomach, strengthen the kidney function.


  1. Wash and devein the prawns, pat dry and freeze them. Dice the pork fat and the water chestnut.

  2. Smash the prawn with the back of knife until the meat is sticky, then add in the egg white and a little salt, stir until the shrimp paste is springy. Lastly stir in the chopped pork fat and water chestnut.

  3. Shape the shrimp paste as a biscuit, coat it with breadcrumbs and deep fry it in hot oil until golden brown. Serve hot with tangerine sauce.


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