Shrimp gelatine

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  • 320g medium prawns

  • 320g fresh pork skin

  • 80g Chinese celery

  • 80g salt water olive (sliced)

Healing Effect

  • Nourish the skin, strengthen the body.


  1. Remove head, Shell, devein and clean the prawns, pat dry, save the prawn heads.

  2. Clean and blanch the pork skin for 5 minutes, then soak in cold water. Cook the pork skin with the prawn heads, celery and 2 bowl of water under low heat to make a thickening soup.When it is done, strain the soup.

  3. Cook the prawns in soup, add in the salty olive slices to warm, then place the mixture in deep bowl. When cooled, put them into the refrigerator and serve when they are set.


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