Deep fried egg omelette

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  • adequate batter

  • adequate pearl leaves

  • adequate broth


  • 320g Chinese celery

  • 6 mushroomI dried beancurd

  • 80g carrot

  • 40g preserved sweet turnip

  • 40g yellow fungus

  • 40g wood fungus

  • 5 water chestnuts

Healing Effect

  • Nourish the "yin", the lungs and the six hollow viscera, supplement the five parenchymatous viscera.


  1. Blanch the celery and tear out a long string from it. Soak the preserved sweet turnip and the fungus. Peel and smash the water chestnut . Cut out the mushroom stalks.
  2. Wash and dice all the ingredients for the filling. Fry them, season to taste and make a thickening with broth and cornflour solution. When cooled, put the filling into the refrigerator.
  3. Beat the egg, fry it to make an egg slice. Put the filling on the egg slice, wrap it up nicely and tie it with the celery string. Dip the piece into the batter and then deep fry it in hot oil. Change to medium heat for 2 minutes when its shape is set, turn back to high heat to deep fry just before serving. Deep fry the pearl leaves and use as garnish.

Practical Tips:

  • The filling should be moist.


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