Vegetarian Tai Chi Soup

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  • 600g spinach

  • 1 piece soft beancurd

  • 160g straw mushroom

  • dash of lye

Soup Base

  • 80g soya bean

  • 320g Tientsin cabbage

  • stem and root of spinach

Healing Effect

  • Nourish the intestines and stomach, strengthen the five parenchymatous viscera.


  1. To make the soup: Wash the spinach and Tientsin cabbage. Pick out the stems and the roots of the spinach, cut the cabbage into sections. Cook the vegetables and the soya beans with 15 bowls of water.

  2. Add a little lye in water to blanch the spinach until softened. Put it under running water for a while, then dry and chop it. Cut out the hardened part of the beancurd, then mash it with a little water. Wash, blanch and fry the mushroom.

  3. Cook the spinach with half of the soup, season to taste and thicken with cornflour solution. Cook the mashed beancurd with the rest of the soup and finish it in the same way.


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