Shallow-Fried Bottle Gourd Cake



  • 300g bottle gourd

  • 40g binurong labanos

  • 1 berdeng sibuyas

  • 40g mani

  • 75g hipon


  • 1 1/2 kutsaritang asin

  • 2 kutsaritang tapicca

  • 1 kutsaritang arina

  • 1 kutsarang tubig


  1. Wash, peel and finely grate the bottle gourd. Wash and finely chop the preserved turnips; stir-fry the peanuts until fragrant, remove the skin and crush them. Chop the green onion; wash and devein the shrimps, pat dry and then mash them using the blade of your chopper.

  2. Put the above ingredients into a large bowl, add salt and mix well. Dissolve the tapioca starch and corn flour in 1 Tbsp of water, add the mixture to the bowl and stir well.

  3. Heat the wok and add some oil, put the bottle gourd mixture in, turn the heat down and let it cook until the cake does not stick to the wok. Flip the mixture over and cook the other side until it is done.

Practical Tip:

  • A pan would work better than a wok for this recipe.

Ingredients The bottle gourd mixture is ready. Shallow-fry in a wok until both sides are done.


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