Steamed hashima and crab meat buns

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  • 40g hashima

  • 320g broccoli

  • 80g crab meat

  • 20g Chinese ham

  • 24 egg white

  • 1 sprig Chinese celery

  • adequate broth

Healing Effect

  • Nourish the skin and the "yin", strengthen the immune system.


  1. Soak the hashima, remove the impurities and then cook it with water until tender. Chop the ham and soak it in broth.

  2. Slightly cook the crab meat, hashima and ham with broth, season to taste and make a thickening. Wash and cut the broccoli and blanch it until cooked.

  3. Beat the egg white until fluffy, brush away the foam and fry it to make several egg sheet. Wash the celery, remove the leaves, blanch and shred it.

  4. Put the crab meat and the hashima on the egg slice and wrap it up nicely, tie it with a celery "string" and steam it until cooked. Make a thickening with chicken broth and cornflour solution, pour it over the dish to serve. Garnish with broccoli.


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