Fried white bait with kelp

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  • 160g kelp

  • 320g white bait

  • 80g Chinese celery

  • 80g carrot

  • 1 red chilli pepper

  • adequate broth

Healing Effect

  • Reduce lymphadenitis, nourish the skin, intestines and stomach.


  1. Soak, clean and shred the kelp, rinse it under runningin water to get rid of the saltiness. Cook it in hot water for a while to remove the slime, then.slightly cook it with broth.

  2. Wash and marinate the fish with a little salt, then rinse off the salt and slightly deep fry it in hot oil. Wash and shred the Chinese celery and carrots, shred the red pepper.

  3. Fry the red pepper with a little oil, then add the celery and carrots, followed by the fish and kelp. Season to taste and serve when it is hot.


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