Home-made Tortoise Jelly



  • 300g tortoise plastron

  • 80g dried root of rehmannia

  • 80g dried honey suckle flower

  • 80g greenbrier(rhizome)

  • 80g Chinese mesona

  • 32g weeping forsythia

  • 40g Chinese prayer-beads (Herba Abri Cantoniensis)

  • 20g dried dandelion

  • 32g Chinese atractylodes (rhizome)

  • 20g root-bark of ditlany

  • 20g fangfeng(Radix Lede- bouriellae)

  • 20g jingjie (Herba schizone- petae)

  • 20g dried chrysanthemum

  • 20g loosestrife(Herba lysimachiae)

Flour Mixture

  • 375g rice flour

  • 80g corn flour


  1. Cook the tortoise shell in simmering pot or vacuum cooker for 10 hours; wash all the herbs and boil them with 30 bowls of water. Then the water boils, turn the heat down and remove the foams on top.

  2. Cook the tortoise shell with the herbs over medium heat until it is reduced to about 15 bowls, strain the essence and discard the herbs.

  3. Reserve 5 bowls of herbal essence and let cool; cook the remaining 10 bowls until it boils and turn the heat down.

  4. Combine the cooled herbal essence with rice flour and corn flour to make a batter, divide it among 15 bowls.

  5. Pour the boiled herbal essence into the batter in each bowl. Make sure you stir the batter well before pouring in the hot essence.

Ingredients Strain the herbs Divide the herbal essence among the bowls


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