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Western Toast



  • Bread 1-2 slice ( for one person)
  • 1 egg
  • Butter, one slice, subject to individual preference
  • Syrup, alternative choices of condensed milk or honey
  • Oil, small spray / one teaspoon



  • Crack egg in a bowl, stir egg into mixture form;
  • Dip one side of bread into egg mixture until well cover the surface, then dip on another side;
  • Heat up the flat frying pan in medium temperature, spray oil on pan surface, spread the egged bread down on the pan until egg juice turned crispy & golden brown, fry on another side of egged bread;
  • Place fried bread on grease filter (or use paper towel to absorb excess oil)
  • When all fried bread done, you can place them on plate;
  • Spread butter on top to melt and pour syrup (condensed milk / honey) to enjoy the delicious french bread.

For personal favour, can apply the icing sugar on top instead of syrup.



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