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Black moss roll

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  • 80g black moss
  • 160 shrimp meat
  • 160g sugar pea shoots
  • 1 beancurd sheet
  • 1 bunch of Chinese celery
  • 1 can chicken broth
  • adequate cooked ham (diced)
  • adequate cooked eggplants

Healing Effect

Lubricate the large intestine, improve bowel movement, nourish the skin and anti-aging.


  1. Prepare shrimp paste with the shrimp meat. Soak the black moss in warm water until soft. Chop the celery.

  2. Mix the black moss well with shrimp paste, chopped celery and diced ham. Spread the mixture on the beancurd sheet, roll it up nicely and to steam for 8 minutes. Cut the roll in serving pieces when it cools off a bit.

  3. Heat a wok of oil, deep fry the pieces until golden brown. Then put them in the hot chicken broth for 10 minutes and then steam for 5 minutes.

  4. Fry the sugar pea shoots and dish.Arrange the rolls on top of sugar pea shoots. Thicken the sauce with cornflour solution and pour it on the dish. Garnish with cooked eggplants.